Day by day schedule for Pre Race Training Mongol Derby 2013
Thursday August 1st ­ PRT Day 1
10am meet for Pre Race Training Day 1. 5th Floor Business Centre, Ramada Hotel,
Ulaanbaatar. Until 4.30pm
All riders, all international crew. These will be lecture­ format briefings, spiced up by regular changes of presenter, some exciting and expensive learning aids, and the fact that you are only THREE DAYS AWAY from starting the Derby
Please bring your riding kit­ we will weigh out the riders at 85kgs dressed to ride in UB, where we have some hope of a flat surface. This prevents the embarrassing outcome that we have no idea how much the riders weigh when they set off, as the scales are on grass and can’t give an accurate reading….
Please also bring your horse and equipment deposits: £400 in cash, in an envelope, with your name on.
10am welcome and intro ­ Katy. Schedule for the week
All morning, Tom takes riders’ GPS units and uploads course ­ continuous 10.15 ­ Overview of the rules and protocols ­ Katy, Maggie
Sessions on outside assistance, penalty system
Distribute On the Steppe Packs and Vet cards.
11.00 ­ Course briefing, Katy
Distribute maps
11.45 ­ Navigation, GPS tips ­ Katy and Tom
Distribute SPOT trackers
12.30 ­ Safety, emergency response ­ SPOT tracking, camping out protocols All ­ SPOT test.
13.00 ­ Riders to weigh out ­ 85kgs in kit
14.00 resume
14.00 ­ Harry Vet briefing
14.30 ­ Dr Chris Abbott Medic briefing
15.30 ­ Katy ­ media on the steppe ­ a quick how­to, registering of phones and practice SMS updates. Updating of Media Hit List for submission to Press Office in the UK and Shot List for Richard Dunwoody
Any other business; last updates to rider’s emergency contact details, rider websites.
4pm ­ CLOSE
7pm Hazara restaurant ­ feasting and merriment ­ all riders and international crew. This is optional, it should cost around MNT15,000 a head, or around £7, so won’t break the bank.

Friday 2nd August ­ PRT Day 2
9am: Meet at Adventurists HQ, next to State Department Store, for transfer to start line. Don’t be late
Please leave all excess luggage at your hotel and bring ONE HAND LUGGAGE SIZED BAG for us to transfer from the start to the finish on your behalf. Everything else must get from start to finish on you and your horses, or stay in UB.
12.30 arrival at start camp. Lunch
Afternoon­ 1st test­ride.
Saddle and tack distributed to riders. Rigging of tack
1.30pm ­ Riders to go down to horse line ger by ger (so groups of 5) at 15 min intervals. This means each rider gets 1­1 attention while tacking up and handling the horses.
Headshot and portrait shots with Malou, en route to horse line. 3 mins with each rider. Richard Dunwoody out and about photographing riding, tacking up, intros to the horses
Tea and coffee in the dining tent for riders waiting to go down to horse line. Medical training and practical sessions with Dr Chris Abbott in the dining tent.
All riders out for 1­2 hours, just getting comfortable with the horses, kit optional. 2 vets plus Maggie on the horse line taking heart rates for the riders and discussing recovery etc.
6.30pm ­ Group photography shots, as directed by Richard Dunwoody. All riders, riders by nation, all riders plus crew, vets, medics, etc etc.
7.30 pm: Dinner. Fire and sing­song/poker tournament/whatever people fancy

Saturday 3rd August ­ PRT Day 3
8.30 am: Breakfast ­ eat well, this will be a long day
9.30 am ­ 11.30am­ 2nd test ride, with full kit, including navigation. Riders will depart in small groups, ger by ger at 15 min intervals, navigating to a point they have loaded onto their GPS c.6kms away. Should take an hour there and back.
As riders return they must untack their horses and tie them on the line. Optional hobbling masterclass and camping out advice from Unenburen.
12.30pm onwards ­ Pack lunches in the dining tent ­ pick up and grab whenever you are free
Afternoon­ As much faffing with your kit and equipment as you need ­ go down to the horse line and borrow a horse to test out different rigging arrangements, and get help from Maggie and Charles with this.
The Launch Party Begins…
3:30pm ­ mini Naadam courtesy of Unenburen. Watch local 6 year olds outride you on their
finest and fastest horses, toast them with airag and marvel at the skill and spirit of Mongolian horseracing.
7pm Dinner ­ a Mongolian Banquet
8pm ­ Traditional Mongolian concert of music and dance
9pm ­ the After party. More Mutton. More Music. More Airag. More Fire. More Fun
Some media to be invited to attend the launch ceremonies. Expect some interviews. No formal press conference, it will be informal and low­key.

Sunday 4th August ­ LAUNCH DAY
7.30 am: Breakfast
8.00am : Rider 5kgs kit allowance weigh out, with Maggie and Charles
All other kit to be packed and left neatly inside your ger doors for collection by the Event Crew and transfer from Start Line back to UB, and later to the Finish Line. Please pack up everything you are not carrying on the horse.
9.00am: to the horse line to tack up, mount up and warm up. Final interviews and media access. 9.30am: to the start line, warm horses up properly for a racing start. Lamas to bless the riders, and be addressed by the Organisers.
10:00am ­ Start gun fires.

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