Day 2

Somehow as I said “goodbye for now” to all at work, it felt like I was closing a chapter and standing at the brink of starting a new one. It is all still a bit surreal. During the next three weeks I will be making my own history. I will be testing myself. I will learn much more about horsemanship, forging new friendships, the hospitality of people that do not speak the same language as I. Possibly if not probably, I will be pissing someone off at some time, but I will be having the time of my life.
Mongolian Airlines/Hunnu Air – proud owners of 5 Aircraft and 2 on order. Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 767-300ER. So to all of you that were worried I would be taking turns to peddle the propellors, I will be sipping vodka on the flight from Beijing to Ulaanbataaar.
So tomorrow final packing, weighing and fitting. Then,for now, the last sleep in my own bed for a while, and lots of adrenalin pumping. Wish me luck, I will need loads of it!

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