Last day at home

It took me the whole day to pack the allowed 5kg – and a lot of staring at an empty case and various objects/clothing lying around it. Checked and rechecked baggage and hand luggage allowance. Emirates allow 30kg, Hunnu/Air Monglolia only 20kg. So back to the 5kg scenario.
But it is now done. What gets left behind, I surely will not need. And if I do, I will quickly learn to live without it. Traveling lite 101 course passed! As Kurt always says – He who travels lite, travels far…..
Thank you for all the well-wishes I received during the day. Your words will carry me through the difficult times. And as always to The Rhino Orphanage for their unwavering support and allowing me to ride under their name. We will have many more success stories to tell.
t2013-07-27 13.56.56

2013-07-27 10.33.36

2013-07-27 10.28.17

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