UB continued

Well, after we eventually got our buts out the front door of the Ramada, we only got as far as a Monastery around the corner, bailed out of paying entry fee, walked back and promptly ran out of steam, and found ourselves back in our room. Not good! But we did organize a trip to Ghenghis Khan’s 40m high statue for later the evening. The official tour to there was hectically expensive, and Ghanja (probably spelt VERY wrong) one of the receptionists offered to takes us herself and at the same time practice her english. How lucky can you get! And our taxi – her husband! And no, he is not a real taxi driver, he is a lawyer busy doing his “internship”. So off we went in real style.
Ghenghis Khan was not only big (meant history and not actual size) in real life, but no picture can do justice to this unbelievably huge statue. It is totally overwhelming. We were unfortunately too late to enter, so could not take the lift up into the horse’s neck, but could not complain as we still made daylight by a good margin. I will post a picture below.
We learned such an amount about such a lot of different facets of Mongolian life, that I will only be able to relate it as I remember.
We did see our first real squatter camp on our way to the Monastery, which IS just 800m from our hotel! And we are not in a crummy hotel or area by any measure! And our first homeless person, and people scratching in dustbins. Lots of friendly waveing children, and it is not strange to see young kids below the age of 10 to be selling goods. We encountered a very well dressed little girl outside the restaurant last night selling gum (chewing gum). The kids are incredibly mature for their age, having to bring income in very early in their lives.
Ordinary cleaners have to have a college or university qualification, be able to work a computer, be neat and not to ugly looking! (I’m serious!) Thus unemployment also very high.
Had a real taste of traffic in the back of the car. Everybody drives anywhere and anytime, no road markings out of town, in fact no road out of town. We had to travel 54km to the statue, on roads that you make yourself (a bit like cows and sheep) to negotiate around huge potholes. Once again felt very at home!
BUT we saw our first Mongolian ponies along the way!! My goodness, they look even smaller up close!! And our first rainbow. I think we are ready to ride now..image


1 thought on “UB continued

  1. Judy Vertue

    So thrilled to find something on your blog. Got so carried away trying to get into the link you gave us for live coverage that I forgot that it was not working until 1 August. So here am I at crack of dawn on 1 August (goodness knows what time it is with you!) and there is a rude notice on the web page which says something like ‘ Check out the riders progress from 1 August – but, I say, it IS 1 August! YOu seem to have had a very interesting time so far but what about the luggage? The saddle most importantly? Has it actually arrived? Are you going to ride bareback??? Keeping a careful eye on you from now on> Love Judy


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