Day 11

Friends and colleagues are now constantly asking “when are you leaving?”.  Or I should rather say friends are asking that, and colleagues are asking “are you still here next week?”. Thank you very much for your concern, I’m only going to have my butt plastered to a pony for a 1 000 km!!  The reality is that it is quite a shock to hear “in 11 days” come out my mouth, full knowing in 2 days time I will be down to single digits!!

And THE LIST……  All I can say is that I am slogging at it, and thank goodness a tick or two for ‘have done that’ does appear every day. Riding had to take a back seat again for 3 days, but as from tomorrow – To Infinity And Beyond!

Day 15

I have always wanted more time in a day, more days in a week and more weeks in a month.  Last week this time I was mentally prepared to leave in two weeks time, and “squirreling” about all that still needed to be done.  VAT submitted – will be done by Monday.  Enough horse and dog food – check. Wages sorted for the end of the month – check.  Enough money in the right accounts – check.  Emergancy number listed – check.  Angela and Judy on standby in case of emergancy while husband is working – check.  Relevant accounts paid – check.  Relevant shopping done – not yet.  Medication picked up – not yet.  List of to do written down – NOT YET!

And then I realized I have an exstra week before I leave!  Bargain!! No need to squirrel!!

The morel of the story……….

Extra time all of a sudden does not mean one necessarily gets things done in less of a rush or more easily.  Where am I a week later?  No further than the week before, so I’m squirreling again!!

BUT – I did get lots of riding in, and have so far spent a much needed, awesome weekend with our two kids, caught up on some sleep and took my feet of the rushing train of life for a moment.  By Monday I will have the strength and motivation to pack lots into a day again.  I am a person who performs better under pressure.

So I don’t really need more time in a day, more days in week or more weeks in a month.  I just need to buckle down.

Day 22

I have picked up my tail and went riding today.  The cold morning nearly convinced me that sitting in front of the fireplace watching tennis would be a much better idea, but I also knew that  by the evening I would feel so guilty that I would be cross with myself.  And as always the most difficult part of the entire exercise was getting out of bed.

Now I realize getting out of my sleeping bag somewhere on the Mongolian steppe will NOT be the only difficult part, and will be accompanied by real tiredness, being stiff and sore, dirty and with the probable/definite fact that I would hit the deck at some point (again).  Ah, what we would do to ride a Mongolian pony…….

Day 24

Despite the fact that it was not in the cards for me to finish Fauresmith on horseback, I enthusiastically finished with every rider from the first to the last.  It was typical Fauresmith freezing weather, I was wrapped up warm as toast on my chair, and have to confess with some Orange River Muscadel in hand from early morning.  The picture tells the story……

This was not only a week of solidifying frienships, but making new friends, sharing the dissapointments and glories, but one that stilled my concern that I might not be quite fit enough.  Watch out wild ponies!!!!! image

Day 25/Fauresmith day 2

I now have unfinished business at Fauresmith.  It is with great disappointment and sadness that  I was pulled from the field after the second leg on the second day due to lameness of my horse.  But in this sport it is about the animal and not the person.  Thank you tremendously to my unbeleivable grooming team, husband Kurt, Johan and Henta Greef and Connie, to Lucia Jacobs for her horse Mahlik, and Ami de Wet Snr for letting me ride with him today.  Without all of you I would not have come this far!

Licking yhe wounds with a glass of good red wine….image

Day 28

Mahlik eating and drinking like the proverbial horse at Fauresmith.  One HUGE thing not to worry about.  We are well settled, tomorrow parade day, Tuesday THE day we start the Fauresmith ride.  Course planning has been done, will be revised tomorrow, and then me and my trusty steed are on our own, except for the grooming and vet checks along the way.  The weather has been extremely kind to us – yes the electrical blankets and blow heaters in the tents are on at night, but we cannot complain that we have been freezing our butts off.  Let me not jinx it….

I took Mahlik out yesterday and today.  We had to suss each other out, but soon decided that we like one another and would make a good team.  For both of us the first Fauresmith, so we have an understanding that we will look after one another.  We will have fun…….image image